Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: In a Heartbeat ::

:: In a Heartbeat ::

I have not been following the developments leading towards
This year's National Day, for Singapore. In fact, I have not seen the visuals
For the logo nor hear about the slogan "the Singapore Spirit" until I searched
For an appropriate logo to go with this posting. In fact, the only related news
I noted was the intellectual property infringement caused by the Lady Gaga
Adaptation, and then a related YouTube spoof video by Jeremy.
Now, while the National Day performance is being streamed live on
Channel 5, I find this year's performance a little awkward - in terms of the
Concept and direction. Perhaps the creative director was trying to relate
To the events that made us Singaporeans, from the past to the present (and
I suppose, the future?) Perhaps it is too propagandist? For me at least. 
I think it is not easy to conceptualize a tour de force that is able to
Tug at everyone's heartstrings, but perhaps it could be more 'real'? 
Or maybe I've seen too many NDPs? Such that each year's performance
Is too similar to the previous one? It would be nice to have a year in review,
Filled with the highs and lows of what we have experienced, and then close it
With "In a Heartbeat, I'll be there for you." Fireworks optional.
Tags: musing

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