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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

There is nothing special about this snapshot. It is merely a picture taken
Of an back court yard, with a semblance of a spiral staircase.
Such architecture was more predominant in the seventies and eighties,
When walk-ups evolved from shophouses. So in that sense,
Walk-ups were a taller manifestation of a row of shophouses,
Complete with the air wells in the middle, which separated the
Bedrooms in the front, and the kitchen and bathrooms at the back,
With a narrow corridor. Good for air circulation, probably.
And then there was the trademark spiral staircase, which offered
An alternative exit in the event of a fire outbreak.
Pipes were unabashedly unconcealed and run wild around
The exterior walls. And likely to be in a state of rust.
How long will this remain, as old walls are deliberately
Crumbled to make way for two thousand per square feet
Leasehold properties? I wonder.


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wow know quite a bit on shop houses. actually this courtyards you see was a result of the straits settlement govt. they wanted building built in the era to have rooms that has direct access to fresh air and light. but at the same time, staircases occupy alot of space and this shophouses usually sit on very small land, steep, small spiral stairs were use as it occupys very little space. thus this typology existed in the shophouses since then in Singapore and Malaysia its unique only to us.

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