Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
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:: Willie ::

:: Willie ::

My parents registered Willie in my birth certificate
Many many moons ago. My father went by the name William.
So, I suppose, it was quite natural for me to be named Willie.
My younger brother was named Brenden, though. They thought of
The name as he made his first presence in the Brenden ward, in
Mount Alvernia Hospital. Nope, not William Jnr, but Brenden.
I have always held a fascination with my name. Why Willie, and
Not Willy. Or Will? In any case, Willie, or William is a popular given name of
Old German origin. Apparently it became popular in the English language
After the Norman conquest of English in 1066. The modern German and Polish
Equivalent is "Wilhelm". Wilhelm is a compound name composed from the
Elements willeo (will, determination), and helm (protection, helmet): hence,
"Resolute protector." Perhaps then, it is this keen awareness of the roots
Of my name, that I have always reminded myself to be resolute; to have the
Perseverance to persist, and not give up. It translates easily into discipline.
But along the same grain of persistence, on the other face, is obstinacy.
Take heed, Willie, and be aware. Cognizance is the key.

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