Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
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:: Initiating Potentially Positive Changes ::

:: Initiating Potentially Positive Changes ::

Nothing really stays the same. Everything is in constant motion.
What seems to be still, may be moving. It is akin to one taking a ride
In a train. We are moving with the train, but yet we may not feel that we are
Being hurled at hundreds of kilometers per hour towards our destination.
There are two or more measurements in this case - there is the degree of distance.
And then there is the degree of time. While I am seated at my IMAC, typing this
Entry, I am aware of the fact that I am in orbit with the earth, and then, the earth in
Orbit with the Milky Way. Similarly, but yet differently, time is moving the present into
The past, and while we are hurled towards the future, everything becomes history.
This is for the dimensions of space and time. Interestingly, I recall reading about
The possibilities of a fourth-dimension, known as Minkowski spacetime.
Joining then, the three axes of X, Y and Z would be the W axis.
And a tesseract would be a cubic illustration of this theory.

But I am not really planning to write about physics, or geometry.
I want to write about the fact that nothing stays the same. Like how change
Happens. Two weeks ago, all I had at my bedside table was a rectangular
Glass box of plants. Now it is a crowded indoor garden of an additional
Nine pots of seedlings and a large pot of an overgrowth terrarium of sorts.
Who knows; how long they will remain? I have lived the past eleven years
Of my life in this room. How much further into the future would I remain here?
Is being in situ a good thing? Should we initiate change? How would the
Changes we initiate affect other changes? As we take a deep breath and
Flip the first domino, and start the sequence of a domino rally, would
We know where it will really end?
I have asked many what-ifs during the countless lulls of my idle mind.
While I was ironing, traveling, waiting, in transit, and doing my business.
What if I didn't apply for the scholarship - would I have been an architect now?
What if I didn't choose computer engineering - would I still be in IT?
What if I didn't initiate good-bye with my ex - would we still be happy together? 
What if I didn't make that trip? - where would I be now? 
What if I didn't make a trip down to Arris - would I own any properties?
I suppose - life is such that there is just one line - definitely not a
Straight line, but a ziggity-zag line that brings us only to one destination,
Which really is like a never ending line of dominoes.
Except, seriously, of course, that there is an end.
It ends, some where, and some time, in the future.

Then, perhaps, life is really not meant to be lived in
Monotone. Whether alone, or with a bunch of soul-mates, let us
Take a deep breath, and initiate that change for a potential
Positive future. Learn a course, work that body, and embrace
That better lifestyle. Do something that we have always wanted to
Do but never did. Give your momma a hug the next time you see her.
I will do that too. For, as what I always like to say, we
May never walk this way again.

Tags: musing

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