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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Citibank ::

:: Citibank ::


I am glad that Livejournal is back up and running.

The funny thing is – I cannot log onto LJ via my IMAC at home.

Perhaps my home IP address has been marked as a potential avenue

for DOS attacks? I wonder. Anyway, at work yesterday I received a call

From Citibank. “I am pleased inform you that we will be charging you

The annual membership, but in return giving you a free $100 dining voucher.”

This call was in response to my earlier call to Citibank hotline to waive my

Membership fees.

“I do not want any dining voucher,” I retorted.

“I want my annual fee waived,” I said firmly.

“I am afraid that we are unable to do that,” the call operator replied.

“If that is the case, please terminate my credit card with immediate effect.”

“Oh! You could redeem your membership with your points,” she deflected.

“No I do not want to redeem my points for membership.” I was curt.

“I think I have spent enough money on this card, and if I cannot

Get my waiver, I would like to terminate this card immediately and

Give my spending to another bank that appreciates this.”

“I will talk to my manager, please wait a moment,” she hurriedly murmured

A moment later, she returned and said, “Your membership

Has been waived.”

Why must it be so difficult?

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hhmmm did they change their policy?..
it has always been very easy...
in fact you usually have to request for a waiver and then it's always waived with no questions asked...

I have a feeling it might be dependent on the person answering the call..

ahahha! i have the same problem too. so as as you are firm in doing so, they will just give it to you.

Well, membership fees are also a part of the company's revenue, so if they can try to make some more money, why not?

I heard that credit billings has dropped(?), so maybe they are less willing to spare the membership if possible.

interestingly... banks nowadays seem to be doing this to their customers....

It is the 'try their luck' attitude... to see if there are actually SuCkers out there who are willing to pay the membership fee....

in my opinion, its plain ridiculous and a waste of time for both the bank and the customer....

Hahaha... Maybe she had some KPI's to achieve leh... Hahaha. Maximum membership fee collection with minimal card terminations... :P

I also nvr pay a single cent for any of my cards' annual fees :D

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