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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Bizarre Dream ::

:: Bizarre Dream :: 

I have been recalling my dreams of late. 
There is usually this key imagery. Which I recollect. 
And it will unlock the rest - the stream of unconsciousness.
Like a flood, everything comes at the exact same time. 
This messes up the sequencing. There is no beginning or end. 
Anyway. Back to my dream. I was on this sea voyage.
Moving southwards of Singapore. There was no Indonesia. 
Instead, it was an expanse of ocean. Except for this island of symmetry.
Shaped like the half of a gourd or an hourglass, at high tide. 
During low tide, it looked like the double hump of a camel. 
I was supposed to look for something. Was it a treasure. 
I do not remember. Why do I always have epic dreams
Where I am looking for something that I cannot find?
When I returned to Singapore, a friend noticed 
Black lines on my calves. He halted me.
He took a pair of tweezers. He then pressed hard. 
At the edge of one of the black lines. 
He then pulled out a tiny black worm.
"These are leeches," he said. 
"They must have attached themselves to you
During your voyage," he surmised. 
"Oh," I noted and casually took the tweezers 
And continued to pull the rest of the leeches out.
Soon, all the leeches were removed. 
As usual, the dream has no obvious meaning.
And deriving any meaning from it equals
Reductio ad absurdum.


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Gee thank you. sounds logical actually.

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