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In between

I was participating in this famous game "In between" last night, after M's birthday dinner. It is interesting to know how the cards are able to turn against one's favor, and even with a 2 and an Ace, there is still a possibility, however remote, that the 6 remaining cards of the other three 2s and aces can result in one's double whammy. So W tried to 'stake all' on $76 on the table and had to put $152 back on the table. Scary. I wonder what is the best way to play such a game.

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lol... coincidentally, this discussion came up two years ago. the betting strategy depends on which rules variant you play. can read this entry for more info.


hahaha, i know of ppl who've lost thousands in one round. Double whammy!

Muahahah I won this year !!

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