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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: New Year Resolution - Moving Up Maslow's Ladder ::

:: New Year Resolution - Moving Up Maslow's Ladder :: 

With the Singapore Government's good steermanship, 
Singaporeans have not only weathered the financial storm, 
But managed to bask in the sunshine of good tidings, becoming 
More wealthy in the process. The appreciation of the Singapore Dollar
Versus the Pound, the Euro and the US Dollar has its effects too. 
Slowly but surely, I observe more continental cars plying on our highways. 
BMWs and Benz appear to be the norm, and while Maseratis and Lamborghinis
Were a rare sight in the past, I see at least one - every other day. Singaporeans are travelling
More too - as they get bored with the limited attractions of the island. I was in Kansai just recently
And heard Singlish for the most number of times - which was pretty impressive considering that 
We have only a population of 4-5 million. Yet Singaporeans are globe-trotting. Many of my friends
Are away this festive season - with a large number in Taiwan, and then some, to Europe for a wintry escape.
 I read the papers. I see articles detailing the wealthy young urbanites who splurge on luxury brands of all kinds -
From bags, to clothes, to cars to properties. And good food too. The number of high-end fine-dining establishments
Have risen sharply. Paying almost a thousand bucks for a meal was probably absurd in the past, but in these
Times, it probably an experience worthy for the palate. I read blogs and tweets and posts by friends who 
Talk about branded goods, and how such goods help to justify the hard work that they put in at work.
I am also guilty as charged - who doesn't want a larger estate, or a flashier car, and a nice wallet
And a fine watch, and move around in style? I  think most of us do. But why does one require
Such material possessions? Psychologist Abraham Maslow articulates in his concept of 
A hierarchy of needs in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation". 
The lowest levels of the pyramid are made up of the most basic needs,
While the more complex needs are located at the top of the pyramid.
Once the lower-level needs of food, water, sleep and warmth 
Have been met, people can move on to the higher levels.
If branded materialism fulfills the level of Esteem,
Then a good circumvention would be to
Move higher up the Maslow
Hierarchy of 
Then would be to
Seek steps towards Self
Actualization - I would like to 
Pick up something that I have always 
Liked - such as drawing and oil painting. 
During the last 5Degrees event, my celebrity 
Friend Wilin remarked that one works to make money
And then use the money to buy happiness. But if one could 
Be happy at work, then one is already happy. Then money is just 
A bonus. Perhaps life should treated that way too - now, where's my 

Rose-tinted glasses? 


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so what's the most extravaganza item u ever bought so far?

agree. and also that many many are really not happy about/with work. perhaps the preoccupation with finding happy satiety elsewhere. and you're quite the perfectionist i see the paragraphing is itself a word/k of art.

the illustration - the triangle doesn't really fit - it seems lopsided.

"One works to make money. And then use the money to buy happiness." So sad!

Yes! Join me...drawing and painting. I need to do much more of these this year man...

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