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:: 但願人長久 ::


:: 但願人長久 ::

但願人長久 is a very old Chinese poem.
Written by 蘇轼 (1037-1101)In modern times, it has been sung as a song,
Made very popular by 邓丽君 (Teresa Deng),
And also sung by 王菲 (Faye Wong).

明月幾時有, 把酒問青天
不知天上宮闕, 今夕是何年
唯恐琼樓玉宇, 高處不勝寒
起舞弄清影, 何似在人間
轉朱閣, 低綺戶, 照無眠
不應有恨, 何事偏向別時圓
人有悲歡離合, 月有陰晴圓缺
此事古難全, 但願人長久, 千里共嬋娟

When do the moon grow bright; raise a toast to heaven
Which calender of gods is this; what year is tonight
I wish to hitch the wind and return
Only fearing palaces, high places aren't warm
Dancing to my shadow, what a life it is
Passed the door, under the window, shined on my sleeplessness
Resentment grows from no answer, what are better than not known
There are joy and there are gloom, there are phases even for the moon
This no perfection any can reach, may people live long and prosper,
As birds fly a thousand miles.

And the birds will fly a 
Thousand miles. 

Tags: music, poetry

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