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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Unmistaken Child ::

:: Unmistaken Child ::

Tenzin Zopa, as seen in Nati Baratz’s UNMISTAKEN CHILD.  Courtes

I watched a documentary last evening, titled

“Unmistaken Child”. This documentary by Israeli filmmaker Nati Baratz

Is about a Tibetan monk’s four-year odyssey to find his reincarnated master.

Only seven when he was taken under Lama Konchog’s wing, Tenzin spent the

Next twenty-one years following his master. Following Tibetan Buddhist tradition,

A great spiritual master’s death leaves relics of pearls, a symbol of purity and

Enlightenment. Lama Konchog’s cremation left behind not only pearls but also a

Footprint pointing eastwards – and hence starts the quest for Tenzin for the

Reincarnated form of Lama Konchog, his master.

The four year journey eventually led Tenzin to a village where he found the

Baby boy. I was piqued by how the authenticity of the child was verified

By the Lamas and Rinpoches, and eventually the Dalai Lama,

And how the child actually managed to identify the four items that

He used in his past life. However, the film does not preach, nor advocate

Or dispute the idea of reincarnation – but provide a rare glimpse of

This very fascinating process, if not, then at least, the beautiful

Nepalese and Tibetan scenery.

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oh my... I wanna watch!!
You were watching on DVD?

I watched it to the just wondering why the monk's English is perfect

I liked the show but somehow felt a little uncomfortable about the 'going for the feeling' to find the little Buddha.

this is the tradition of tibetian n has been ongoing from generations . the next rinpoche.

the funniest part is when the disciple is shaving his hair.

amituofo .

Ya its a nice film. I watched a few year back in Singapore during the Buddhist film festival.

Geshe Lama Konchog is acutally my 二师公。I did not managed to meet him in person.

however, the reincarnation of him, Tulku Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche came to Singapore a few year back too when he was four. That was the first time i saw him in person.

last year, while i was having my retreat with my lama in Kopan, i had chances to have meal and played with him and listen to my lama telling us stories about his previous life.

As for Ghyen Tenzin Zopa, he is my 师叔。His English is good as he did under through education and i believed he was actually translator during teaching as well. met him a few times, a very nice person and admire his guru devotion. may all be able to acheieve that .

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