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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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Honda's CR-Z hybrid sports car wins Car of the Year Japan award - The Mainichi Daily News


TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Honda Motor Co.'s CR-Z hybrid sports car won the title of Car of the Year Japan for 2010-2011 on Tuesday, the executive committee for the award said.

The committee, comprising motor magazines and media organizations, said the CR-Z was chosen as it "proved that high fuel economy stemming from the hybrid technology can coexist with the fun to drive."

The committee also said Honda offered the two features at high levels in a mass-production model earlier than other carmakers.

The CR-Z, which made a showroom debut in February, gets 25.0 kilometers per liter of gasoline, while providing high propulsion performances. Its entry-class grade retails for 2,268,000 yen, an affordable price for a sports car, and it has been highly popular in the marketplace.

Honda President Takanobu Ito, responding to news of the selection, said the committee appears to "have recognized Honda's strong desire to offer a hybrid car with which we sought to maximize drivers' fun to drive."
The recipient of the Car of the Year Japan is selected by up to 60 motor experts chosen by the committee from among all passenger cars marketed in Japan between Nov. 1 of the previous year and Sept. 30 of the current year.

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oouuu... 25km/l sounds good... my civic hybrid is only giving me 12km/l ...

the boot of the cr-z looks a little ugly hor like the toyota prius.. else it will be nice..
wonder how much it will cost when it comes to sg

25km/l is likely without the air conditioning running. 15km/l is more realistic. =)

wah that's a big difference with and without AC..

It means you made a sensible choice :)

Wonder when Kah Motors will bring this in officially...

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