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:: Requiem for a Dream ::

:: Requiem for a Dream ::

The last time I watched Requiem was probably six to seven years ago.
And hence, when I chanced upon the Director's Cut, I was curious to watch
It again. Not forgetting that the haunting soundtrack performed by The Kronos Quartet.
Requiem is a heart-wrenching tale of humans being drawn into pills and addiction
Yet Requiem is reluctant to paint its characters as either villains or victims. Despite
Their foolish ways, they are merely normal people afflicted by common insecurities
And doubts, and unwilling (or afraid) to seek support. They eventually fall prey and
Become addicted to the most common things of ego, television, praise, money,
Psychology, and the pursuit of happiness is displaced by immediate gratification,
In the form of pills, all kind of pill, of all alphabets, and not forgetting diet pills.
Why do people self destruct? What makes people victims of hedonism?
Does it stem from one's insecurities, or is it simply a desire to chase the next high?
Perhaps the answer lies in one's definition of happiness, and the path one takes
To achieve pleasure, or joy, or happiness, or bliss. Everyone wants to feel good.
It is just a matter of how we feel good, and at what or who's expense.
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