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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: November, Tokyo ::

:: November, Tokyo ::

Last week turned out to be the busiest working trip
I've ever made to Tokyo. Upon arrival it was a series of
Meetings, one after the other. There was more to say,
But since work matters should never be translated onto
The web, I shall talk about something else.

Autumn is coming late to Tokyo - most of the trees were
Still summer-green, except for a few with hues of red or yellow.
In fact, as I took the limousine bus towards Narita, and passed
By the bus terminal at Shinjuku, I saw the temperature billboard
Of 18 degrees celcius. Must be the effects of global warming.

I have this inclination towards Kirin draft served on a frozen mug
And would always order it during dinners in Tokyo. But back in
The hotel, I would always pack a few of the "Chu-Hi", which are
Fruity alcoholic cocktails. They come in delicious Aomori-apple,
Yamanashi-pear, and grape and orange and other fruity flavours.

What happened was that I bought a can too many, and eventually
Had 3-4 cans of leftover Chu-hi. I decided to bring the cans back
To Singapore, and packed them into my luggage. Unfortunately,
A can of Chu-hi, the Calpis-Peach flavoured one, somehow ruptured
In the process, and I arrived in Singapore with a peach-scented suitcase.


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That's unfortunate. :O

Still, glad that you managed to see at least a glimpse of the autumn leaves! Went to Mount Mitake for momiji-gari yesterday; the trees were mostly red, with a few in spectacular crimson, but looking down from the mountain and across the valleys I saw more green than yellow and red.

I do have pictures from Saturday; will post them soon! At least, after my French test tomorrow, gah.

(Deleted comment)
i can pass you a peach-scented calendar then =P

(Deleted comment)
you are too compartmentalized. it is for 2011. =P

Any foodie recommendations?

fresh sashimi!

o no! well it depends on whether you find that you luggage now smells nice? ha

oh i threw the luggage away.

Heh so can u still speak Jap fluently?

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