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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Belly Fat ::

:: Belly Fat ::

I know that I am putting on weight 
When I stand on the weighing scale and see
An unprecedented increase in the kilos. 
Previously, I have been gymming without gaining 
Much bulk - I am probably more of the hardgainer type - 
But as age would have it, the metabolism slows down a bit
And recently, after I learned a few new really tough moves 
From E, and from this ABC fella who posts his training videos on
Youtube. There was this video where Tuan Tran would do push-ups
From the ground to the gym bench, and then back to the floor again.
Over and over again. Fierce. I endured the tough gym routines
And I did the push ups. And I think I made some progress.
But an increase in overall bulk also meant that I was starting
To gain fat around the waist. I initially didn't think too much of it. 
I thought I was just being paranoid, and that the intensive gym
Routine will maintain the shape. But after a few birthday buffets,
Parties, and weekend snacks, the calories pile up. 
While getting a little fat is not a big issue, I am concerned
That my casual disregard about a little bit of fat, over time
Will turn it into a huge paunch - then it will be too late. 
Time to start running again. Tsk. 


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come and stand beside me now and you will realize how beautifully perfect you are! heh...

let's jog together!


hmmm, u jog i walk perhaps heh... age has caught up for me. facts of life. accepted. well and good. knees gone, neck gone, back gone... ;-)

and there i was thinking u were the squash job =p

Yeah, age catches up with everyone eventually. I guess doing too much of any thing doesn't work. Over-do the jogging, your knees might complain too. Take care!

We can't please everybody.

the worry is that we ignore and then overaccumulate....

U look fine. I do agree on the part abt age. But hey, it's all about discipline. And how bad you want it. Stay healthy. =)

Try Atkin's diet? Proteins rather than carbos. Sure lose weight. Hard to imagine Fat Willie, though.

willie.. i havent seen u in awhile but i am sure its nothing to worry abt lah

the big apple and san francisco was awesome!

as I grow older..such things don't bother me that much as before..life is too short.

i didnt get to talk to you earlier!

I went into rewind when the networking segment started..there to have a beer and am in shorts and slippers so didn't want to go to the back!

Life is busy and hectic. Some change to job role and I became a Bid Manager now but still in the SOE account handling add on sales. I lost 3kg over the past 2 months stressing about sales! But I still enjoy life on weekend and beer to de-stress ;)

That is a nice way to lose weight! =P

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