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:: Salient Points - 20 October 2010 ::

After every meeting I have a tendency to summarize the gist of
The encounter with an email with the following subject heading:
<Salient points raised during the xxx meeting on xx xx xx at xxx>
And end it off with the relevant action items for all to follow up on. 
Wonder why I do not do a "salient points" for my LJ as well.

:: Salient Points - 20 October 2010 ::

The Indonesian haze blanketed the city 
From the rays of the sun. I like the non-typical 
Climate, even though it is giving some of the people
Around me coughs. In fact, on the way home from gym
I was driving along Marine Parade road, and the orange beams
From the street lamps are made more visible in the haze.
I listened to Tanya's rendition of 拋物線 and somehow
It became a moody moment - a moody drive. 
Not moody in a bad sense, just that I do
Not have a better word to describe it - 
I felt, but I didn't know what to feel. 

T and BH made good progress for both 
Site visits. I understood that the team was relatively
New, and T and G were just thirteen days and 
Four days new respectively, but we had to start
Off at the right footing, and at the right pace. 
Right pace is fast pace. Right pace
Becomes normal pace after adaptation. 
Victory confirms the pace. 

It was C21's birthday today. Gradually, most of the
Initial bunch of LJ friends that I know, like C21 will be crossing the
'Thirty' line, with YB being the last. Isn't 'Thirty'
The dividing line between the twenties - 
The young adults, the aspiring and vibrant ones,
The ones that can afford to fail, and the thirties - 
The ones that jolly well make sure that necessities
And good-to-haves - the apartment, the car, the 
Stellar career, are in close grasp. I remember turning 
Thirty, realizing that I was still far from what I wanted
To achieve. Thirty is a reckoning number. 

I struck a deal with Bro B - as he needed to pay off his debts
I came up with a creative plan. At the end of every month
He would be able to deposit a sum of money with me
Which I would double for him the month after. 
With a time limit from now till next June. 
It was up to B to decide how much he can save in order
To generate more income to pay off his debt, and perhaps
Even accumulate a small savings for posterity. 
Things that require a little effort usually are most 
Appreciated, and pay the best premiums. 

I have been trying to find a manual car wash 
Other than the rather-expensive Shell carwash at Siglap
Or the sub-standard SPC that I go to, occasionally 
Leaving a $6 dent in my pocket. In this part-time quest
To find another good manual car-wash in a convenient location
I finally found an alternative at the SPC at Telok Blangah.
It is frustrating when we know what we want, but 
Do not know who to get to what we want. 
Is knowing what we want but unable to find it
Better or worse that not knowing what we do not want
But not looking for it anyway? 

Time for bed. 

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