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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Best Is Yet To Be ::

:: The Best Is Yet To Be ::

I am usually rather energetic at work, 
Especially when I've had a restful weekend.
I've designated monday mornings for group
Pow-wow, where we will update the pipelines, the past week's
Activities, as well as the upcoming activities for the past week. 
It is a good time to set the pace for the rest of the week. 
As a leader, I would think that I set a rather fast pace 
For the team to follow, and while there are certain adjustments
To adapt to the fast pace, I think we are making good progress. 
I just hope that the team understands the importance
Of having processes and checks in place, so that we all 
Perform our duties diligently, and work closely together
For one another's success. It is during tough times that 
We lose sight of the eventual success - that the leader 
Remains focused in the distant horizon and continues to
Drive the team forward, in the right direction. 

The best is yet to be. 

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alvin LIKES this post. :P

Keep focusing on the goals...you will be very successful..加油!

the best is yet to be.... my motto since i was 7... believed in it since then.. haha

The Best is Yet to Be... certainly strikes a chord, from days of yore! :)

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