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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Home Improvement ::

:: Home Improvement ::

Ever since I've raised my bed (yes I've put a bedframe beneath it)
I've been having persistent backaches. I believed this was due to the
Fact that my new bed height is affecting my level of vision. 
I had to look at an awkward angle at my iMac, and I think this strained 
My neck, and inadvertently , my back as well. 
So hence, the natural next-step and recourse was to 
Find a way to elevate my bedside table. 
I was not eager to spend my dollars on an expensive
Branded leveling piece of furniture, so IKEA was the 
Best place to head to. After all, it is functional, practical,
And even though M says that IKEA products are not 
As hardy as they were a decade ago, it is probably cheaper 
To just replace a worn piece with a new one. 
At the Tampines IKEA, the cafeteria was packed.
The chicken wings were hot items. I ordered six pieces
With another herring plate (this was probably the only
True-sweden dish; the rest were adulterated to local
Singlish taste - I reckoned.) It was then shopping time.
I bought a shelf, a clothes rack, and the office table. 
I could not resist the offer item of tea candles
Only $3.90 for 100 pieces. The shelf was 202cm in 
Length, and hence there was this worry that it 
Would not fit into the tiny CRZ. We took our chances,
And the giraffe went in snugly. 
The table now turned out to elevate my iMac
Higher than the bed.

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Don't really know about Ikea furniture's sturdiness. But i do know they look awful on stage as drama props.

crz?! you must be one of the first in SG! i've yet to see one on the roads le. issit PI or kah motors? opps sorry for going OT but the car's mention just piqued my interest. =)

Oh it is parallel import heh.

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