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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Periphery ::

:: Periphery ::

Somehow, when I am focused on the daily tasks
The periphery becomes a blur and fades away.
I live for the moment; the moment, which, like a still
Amongst a series of stills, become a moving picture
Which I term as life. There is this uncanny sense of
Excitement - in meeting the challenges that were conceived
By none other than myself. Work is exciting. Busy but exciting.
Busy work in fact brings out the joy of rest. Perhaps,
Upon introspection, that when one focuses one derives
Joy from the moment - whether one sits by the jetty to see
The ships go past, or stands in a queue for curry puffs.
But like almost every short story from Raymond Carver,
Dreams are what we wake up from. Usually, when
Life is peaceful and stable, there will be a trigger that
Will disrupt the flow of things. And unsettle.
Nevertheless, until that moment manifests
I shall continue to focus, and be happy
While the periphery remains a blur.


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Clap x 3. Well said. Focusing bring out the clarity of the moment and enables you to live and enjoy the moment. It has been a long time since you've been so reflective. :)

I've been reflective - just that it is not noted down. =P

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