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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Starcraft II & Team Work ::


:: Starcraft II & Team Work ::

I’ve been spending some of my evenings on Starcraft II.

SC2 is nostalgic for me; I picked it up about a decade ago

While I was still studying in Japan. It was a good way to avoid leaving

The campus during the weekends – and hence saving on unnecessary

Expenses in the expensive Tokyo metropolitan. I liked the unique abilities

Of each race – the Terrans, the Zergs and the Protoss each had their unique

Qualities, yet gameplay was balanced and provided exciting hours for

Gamers like me, and probably many more in the rest of the world.

Ten years later, I made an online purchase for SC2, without batting an

Eyelid over the hundred-over-dollar price tag for a virtual possession.

I was positive I wasn’t the only person feeling that way, especially

After I did a global search for Facebook friends who also bought

The game – there are quite a few of them.


And hence, like most, I embarked on the single player campaign

And then progressed to the multiplayer games after I’ve gotten the

Hang of the various basic unit controls and gameplay physics.

(It was a ten year hiatus, after all!)

Multiplayer was exciting, especially when a team of friends

Could pit their collaboration skills, either via ‘Cooperative’ vs the

Computer AI, or start a ‘Quick Match’ where they (as a team) would

Pit against players from other realms, and then be ranked.


Hence my interesting observation. Playing games with friends

Is an interesting affair, especially when in collaboration. There is a need for

Strategy – would it be an offensive rush, which then requires all parties to

Focus on unit generation and an combined simultaneous attack on one single

Enemy in order to achieve overwhelming forces (as espoused by Operational Research).

Or would it be defensive play, when then required a balance between defense and

Skill upgrades and leveling. There is also then the need to know what units the

Opponents would be focusing on, and then churn out counter-units in a

Concerted effort.


This is obviously easier said than done.


In the real world of gameplay, especially when the various members of the team

Are not physically located, one needs to micromanage the economy of resource collection,

Building of structures, unit generation, as well as to check on the enemy and then

Discuss with allies via online chat-typing. A lack of cohesion will result in scattered troops

Which are easily decimated by the enemy (especially the perfectly orchestrated computer AI).

A difference in strategic focus will also result in each ally contributing good troops

As an individual race, but lousy as a total composition. Nevertheless, and usually

After several (or rather, many) rounds of gameplay, the cohesion and rapport

Improves, and especially with a strategy in mind, every ally can contribute his or her

Part towards a resounding success.


Upon introspection, isn’t this part of work collaboration as well?

We need to pause, and and think from a strategic, macro level on

What we need to achieve – in the short, medium and long run, before

We engage our team in this shared vision, so that they are aligned

And the empowered to reach the desired goals?


A win is only a win, if everyone plays his or her part.

When the team wins, everyone wins.

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interesting. you are also into SC2. i have waited for 10 years to have it launched because i was totally addicted to SC1.

what i like about SC2 is that... all races are pretty much balance out and stable. it's quite hard to say a specific race has an advantage over the other. haha!

and what's your dominant race then?

Zergs but i am playing pro toss as well

ahhh. zergs. massive spammers. pro-protoss player here. it's one hell'ya expensive race.

lets play! haha keep saying but we nvr ever do it

Well said !! I waited 13 years for the game whaahhahaa !!

"You want a piece of boy !!!"


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