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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Upside of Irrationality ::

:: The Upside of Irrationality ::

Taken from the book:

“Although most people in Ann’s position would think about

How nice it would be to dress up their apartment and so would

Go on a shopping spree, by now it should be clear that, given

The human tendency for adaptation, she would actually be

Happier with the intermittent scenario. She can get more

“happiness buying power” out of her money if she limits her

Purchases, takes breaks, and slows down the adaptation process.


The lesson here is to slow down pleasure. A new couch may

Please you for a couple of months, but don’t buy your new

Television until the thrill of the couch has worn off. The opposite

Holds if you are struggling with economic cutbacks. When reducing

Consumption, you should move to a smaller apartment, give up

Cable television, and cut back on expensive coffee all at once -

Sure, the initial pain will be larger, but the total amount of agony

Over time will be lower.”


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Welcome to the world of Behavioural Economics! Have you also read Ariely's previous book "Predictably Irrational"?

no but i hear that it is pretty good. do you have the physical hardcopy or the ebook? (epub)?

I have the hardcopies of both books. Why? Looking for the ebook?

yes sir! i would like to borrow epubs of the good non-fiction books that you recommend.

Unfortunately, I am a hardcopy kind of guy, so no e-book. What device do you read your e-books on?

thank you for sharing, i will look for this once im done with the current books im reading.

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