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:: A Few Things on My Mind - Part Two ::

:: A Few Things on My Mind - Part Two ::

After watching Kate's performance in The Reader
I felt compelled to watch Revolutionary Road as well.
Which I just did. I actually did not (really) like the movie.
It was a heavy show, and a difficult show to watch.
Nevertheless, RRoad resonated with me for
A few reasons.

The idea of abandoning the current reality in pursuit of a brand
New life overseas versus remaining in an accomplished situ of the
American dream was inversely related to my recent situation.
Where I had the opportunity to go overseas for a new job that
Paid well, versus remaining in my very comfortable current
Situation. I think I never really wanted the former option.
I felt, though, that creating crossroads in life are
Sometimes important, and essential.

Crossroads, challenge us to think, and
Deliberate over what we already possess.
If we have a job - the prospect of having another job
Makes us think about why we are holding onto our current job
In the first place, and why we should not want to let it go -
And in the process learn to appreciate the position.

Similarly, if we are in a relationship - then the possibility of
Another relationship - makes us think about why we should
Treasure what we already have in tow. Unless of course,
What we have is no longer what we think we want.
In this case - back to RRoad - what really went wrong? 

"Hopeless emptiness. Now you've said it.
Plenty of people are onto the emptiness,
but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness.

I think I did not like the movie, because the movie is
Brutally frank - the movie shows the harsh realities of living.
Everyone was stuck in a situation that they were unable to break out of.
I recall immediately - The Hours, The Reader, Remains of the Day.
It made me wonder about my relationships with the people around me.
It made me wonder about the people around me too - are we all stuck
In situations of inevitability? Are dreams what we wake up from? 

Maybe I think too much.

Tags: contemplation

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