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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Choices ::

:: Choices ::

Although I’ve worked hard for the various

Stages of the interview for this job that would pay me

A five-digit sum, excluding overseas allowances and expenses,

Now that the management has agreed to my terms, and asked for my

Commitment, I am not sure if I would want to give up what I have, and what I am

Doing now, and make the leap. Am I risk averse, or have I truly summed everything up and

Squared it, and intrinsically arrived at the right conclusion? (if there’s ever a right)

I hope my endeavor to create crossroads, and hence choices, is helping me to

Better understand what I truly want, and in the process appreciate more

What I already have - career, relationships, health, wealth and

General well-being. What matters most? I think in

This case, the heart speaks the

Most correct


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well-said. =) I believe that in our lives, one can never make the "right" or "perfect" choice as with every choice, comes pros and cons. I guess the only thing that we have to decide on is whether to follow the heart...or the mind. -)

all the best to your choice. I know it'll be what you want. -)

Plan - Do - Check - Action.

:) Any choice will do, as long as you don't live to rue it. Never allow that.



whoa, congrats! You enjoyed the hunt now it's whether or not to feast on the kill? Then again, you never know till you've tried right...but no turning back?

believe in yourself, trust your heart and you will know what is the answer. All the best, Willie :)

I know how this feels. I fought hard for the terms I want. But at the end of it all... my heart tells me not to leap. And I am still happy now. I wait to hear more abt the JOB.

W - Never forget you are a fighter.

Whichever path you take, you still have the choice to be happy or keep looking back with regrets.

Just don't get caught in the whirlpool and lose yourself along the way.

i guess here it's also the risks invloved in taking the leap of faith...at the end of the day if you are comfortable with current status, $ is not everything as u know there are other means of acquiring it...:)

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