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:: The Reader ::


:: The Reader ::

Prior to watching the movie, I was wondering over the name.

Why would a movie be named, “The Reader?”

Well, reading, including the process of reading, and the

Process of being read to, and even the theme of being able or not,

To read, becomes the most important recurrent strand of the movie.

In fact, this is the first time that reading has been

The conduit for expressing love, and the metaphor of reading,

Especially the tape recordings, and even Hanna learning to

Read, to me, was her inner passage to learn to love.

But, there was a sense of helplessness, and sadness throughout

The movie, and I couldn’t help but feel the characters’ sense of

Loss of control. Yet, for both the main characters, they were

Able to make choices, but they did not, due to the common reasons

Of shame, and reluctance and fear to commit. The movie reminded me

A lot, of another movie, ‘The Remains of the Day’. I asked myself,

Why are people inarticulate?

Why are people unable to do the right things?”

I think this is because, when we watch, we watch from

An omniscient point of view; we are the audience. We judge.

We are able to form the most objective opinions.

But when we are thrusted into a similar scenario, as ourselves,

We sometimes do not know what to do.

We feel shame. We feel inferior. We carry a large baggage

Which tends to make us do the things that surprise us

If we are the audience. In fact, we might just refuse to admit

Our illiteracy in order to be imprisoned for twenty years.

And, after twenty years of waiting for the chance to

Meet our loved one, who, also, carrying the baggage

Refused to embrace us, we might just

Hang ourselves.


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