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:: Clair de lune ::

:: Clair de lune ::

The Suite bergamasque  is one of the most famous
piano suites by Claude Debussy.
Debussy commenced the suite in 1890 at age 28,
but he did not finish or publish it until 1905, when he was 43.

Clair de lune

The third and most famous movement of Suite bergamasque
is "Clair de lune," meaning "moonlight" in French.
Its name comes from Paul Verlaine's poem of the same name.

The first three movements include a common motif:

  • Prélude - F - E - F - E - D (bar 11)
  • Menuet - G - F - G - F - E (bar 6)
  • Clair de lune - F - E - F - E - D (bars 1-2)
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