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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: The Conspiracy Theory about the Recent Floods ::

:: The Conspiracy Theory about the Recent Floods ::

In light of the recent flash floods in Singapore,
They have become a topic of common interest for many.
And more than just a topic, for a few.
I dropped Mom an SMS over the weekend:
"Mama, free to go to Parkway to
Buy your netbook?"
She replied, "boy me very busy today
My salon flooded, I busy cleaning up."
Even my family was affected.
I spoke with the Doc about the floods.
"I am sure it has to do with the Marina Barrage," Doc said.
"Why so?"
"Don't you realize that there has been no flooding
For the past decade?"
"And then, all of a sudden, within a month,
There are so many incidents of flooding?"
It then struck me, that what Doc said could be true.
Perhaps the mechanics of the Barrage is such
That it is unable to release such a large amount
Of rainwater, and hence, caused the various floods?


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My colleagues and I arrived at the same theory! Like someone fell asleep and forgot to throw on the switch!

-_- IMO, it has got nothing to do with the Marina Barrage. the barrage only controls the amt of water coming in and out to the singapore river. it has got no direct connection to the flooding. (correct me if i am wrong)

i think... it has got to do with the La Nina phenomenon. the cold winds blowing from Australia, receiving moisture along the pacific ocean and all the climatology yada yada...

Lets add climate change to La Nina ...

Rainfalls with higher and higher intensities...

refer to this link for more info .. and its pretty right ..


maybe all the huge new buildings (like ion) and such caused ground subsidence, resulting in the orchard area being lower than sea level.. lol

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