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:: Part 26 – 2 July – Zurich Fascht ::

:: Part 26 – 2 to 3 July – Zurich Fascht ::

Map picture

Was back from Geneva in time for the once-in-three-years Zurich Festival

The Zurich Fascht. Quickly went back to the apartment to

Shower and change (it was a warm day, after all!)

And then it was beer drinking, live concert listening,

Fireworks appreciating, dancing-dancing till the

Early hours in the morning.


(You can see the crowd building up. There were many tents and taverns)


(There were many live concerts of all kinds)


(The Swiss enjoying the carnival-like atmosphere)


(A collaborative concert between an orchestra and a rock band)

P1030582 P1030589

P1030590 P1030597

P1030603 P1030605

(Fantastic half-hour fireworks, to many classical tunes. Riveting)


(DJ and Party Zone area. People of all ages were dancing to the beats)


3 July 1450hrs - There were many performances of all kinds, from Friday

Evening non-stop till Sunday night. In fact, there are all kinds of performances,

From classical performance, to children choir, dance DJs and parties,

Latin beats, hip-hop area, night-time diving (from a constructed

High platform area in the Lake), and even dragon boating!

Right now there’s an accordion band playing

(And yodeling) behind me, and in front me me, there is a

Wakeboard stunt event at the river. There’s still this evening

And then the trip will draw to a close.

Blogging everything down has been a tiring affair.

But I’m glad I did.

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