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:: Part 22 – 1 July – Landemuseum ::

:: Part 22 – 1 July – Landemuseum ::

Map picture


I just finished exploring the Landemuseum,

The Swiss national museum. I'm sitting by the

River that flows into lake Zurich.

I'm seated on a green bench


(Panoramic view from my green bench)

I'm overlooking the river

Across the river is a street

Filled with a constant flow of traffic

There are six-storeyed buildings

Flanking the opposite river bank

The weather is comfortably cool

Like twenty-something degrees

I'm seated in the shade, away from the sun

I can see ducks and swans paddling in the water


(The view from my green bench)

Around me are a number of locals

Some are seated on the grass, also in the shade

There is an elderly gentleman

Napping at the foot of a tree

A child cycles past, and made some

Sound on the gravel path.


(Landemuseum just right behind me)

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