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:: Part 21 – 30 June – Afternoon Trip to Bern ::

:: Part 21 – 30 June – Afternoon Trip to Bern :: 

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1815hrs - finished Bern, on the train back to Zurich

I'm not sure if this iPad is a good buy buy i sure hope so.

The current iPad state is a vanilla one - one without any applications loaded yet.

I suppose it will be fun trying to download various applications

And then trying to turn it into a more functional device.

But at its current state it is doing a good job and

Allowing me to touch type (similar to that of iPhone).

I've preferred a haptic response though.

At Bern I managed to find my ink at a department store.

Pelican ink. A bottle of brilliant black ink for CHF 4.90.

And so, after so many days of writing with the 0.28mm pen

(Which in fact I've gotten very used to)

Thus, I'm back to using my Lamy fountain pen.


(Posing with my Freitag Bag while waiting for the Tram)

The visit to the Paul Klee museum rekindled my desire to draw.

I have to admit that I am not much of an artist.

I have a bad sense of proportion and messes up my sense of

Perspectives usually. For a sketch of a person the head or the shoulders

Would usually end up larger than the rest of the body.


(Posing with Mr Klee)

Anyway, this visit to Paul Klee museum gave me a

Better understanding of this Swiss artist.

Paul was born in Bern in 1879, and held his first exhibition at the

Kunstmuseum in Bern in 1910. The exhibition at his museum at this

Present moment was a side by side comparison between

Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. This is the description in the brochure:

Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, the two most prominent exponents of 20th century art,

Could hardly have been more different as artistic personalities.

Klee's poetry and his leaning toward satire and irony

Stand in contrast to Picasso's drama, sensuality and pathos.

Klee's pedagogic activities and his theoretical self-reflection

Have no counterpart in Picasso. Picasso's actively challenging

Participation in artistic life finds no equivalent in Klee.

While Picasso began his career as a precocious child prodigy,

Advancing rapidly into a cult-figure of the avant-garde,

Klee needed a long time before he discovered a

Pictorial language which satisfied his demanding standards

And was appreciated by the public. I guess like Picasso and Klee,

We are all artists in our own sense, especially in this modern world

Where we are able to express ourselves in a myriad of ways,

From uttering 140 characters on Twitter to a depiction on one's blog -

Be it prose, art or even music (well, some do compose music

While others become bedroom deejays), this is

Our voice to the unknown world out there. Say something, and be heard.


(Bern Clock Tower Redux)  


(Vegetarian at the Famous Hiltl Restaurant at Bern)


"sipping a can of Lager
Glancing at the setting sun
I gingerly nod my head
To the incessant ramblings
Of the person seated opposite me"









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