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:: Part 19 – Tirano to Lugano ::

:: Part 19 – 29 June - Tirano to Lugano ::

Map picture


1835hrs – I’ve just left Lugano for Zurich HB. This will be a

New record – 15 hours of continuous travelling, including the

3 hours of travelling from Lugano back to Zurich.

This trip also brought me into Italy. This meant that I’ve been to

Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Heh.


(View from the Train Stop, Tirano)


(A Courtyard area in Tirano) 

So besides the usual touristy stuff, what interesting stuff

Happened today?


I drank too much milk!

I think milk, when drunk in large quantities

Produces a laxative effect. My stomach churned

When I arrived at Tirano. Fortunately it caused me

No great distress.


(View of the City Square while having My Simple Lunch)


Traveling alone (this is the first time I am doing so!) has it's own

Therapeutic effect. I started to smile at every stranger

I met on the bus or train. I tried not to be too chatty

Lest I ruin their holiday mood or their quiet moment.

As i was alone (and wanted to save money) I bought pastries from the

Takeaways. For lunch I sat outside the police station

Which overlooked the city square. I sat on a stone bench

In the shade, and felt refreshed by the cool Italian breeze.

Many thoughts would pulse through my head,

Like sudden flashes of light, as if they were trying

To light up something in my sub-conscious.

However, the moment I tried to focus on it

The thought will fade and would be replaced by another flash.


(The Population of Tirano is Predominantly Catholic, I gathered)


I would ask strangers to take a photo of me posing with the certain attraction.

As most of the 'strangers' happened to be the elderly tourists

I ended up having photos of myself with the attraction

And the thumb or finger of the stranger taking the photo.

Some, obviously unfamiliar with the camera functions,

Would hold the camera in the wrong direction -

With the lens facing them instead.


(End-Stop: Lugano. I used the Pin-hole Mode) 


The Asian tourists that I met today were predominantly Japanese.

In fact, a gregarious elderly Japanese uncle sat next to me

During the three hour ride from Tirano to Lugano.

After knowing that I speak Japanese he bombarded me with many questions,

About the the duration of my stay, my nationality, my employment,

How it must have been boring and lonely for me to travel alone, etc.

"Feel free to ask me anything about Japan," he heartily added

At one point of the conversation. I engaged him for a while

Until I started to feel awkward having to continuously think of a topic

To talk to him about - I'd rather keep silent and appreciate the scenery.

So i decided to nod off to break the conversation,

And then put on my iPod and earphones.


(Final View of Lugano from the Station, before I departed for Zurich)

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