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:: Part 15 – 28 June – Vitra Design Haus ::

:: Part 15 – 28 June – Vitra Design Haus ::

Zurich (743)

After Vitra Design Museum I quickly crossed over to

Vitra Design Haus, an IKEA-like building that houses

All the furniture that has been designed and produced under

The Vitra brand. In fact, visitors are able to customize and order

The various pieces of furniture on display.

Zurich (744)

(Very well designed Vitra Haus, commanding a fantastic view of the countryside scenery)

After Vitra I took a bus back to Basel, and then decided to

Save some money by buying my lunch at Migros.

I have a huge loaf with curried chicken, and a Swiss cake,

And some milk.

Zurich (751)

(I found the bread to be too hard and dry – difficult to eat)

Talking about milk, I realized that there were certain food items

In Switzerland that are priced lower than other items. Milk is

Definitely one of them. A tub of fresh milk costs about CHF1.50,

Compared to CHF3-4.50 for a bottled carbonated drink.

Bread and sandwiches are about CHF2-6 depending on the

Kind of bread and the filling inside, but things are generally

Cheaper at takeaways, either the roadside ones or

Those of supermarkets such as COOP or MIGROS.

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