Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Part 13 – Thoughts on Love ::

:: Part 13 – Thoughts on Love ::

I had this conversation with someone recently

A conversation about love

I asked, “how does one know when one

Is in love?”

“And how does one know if this is the

Right love, the one that will

Last forever?”

The person replied, “You know

You are in love when you find

Life has no more meaning when the

Person you love is not with you.”

I thought about what he said.

I think I will be upset if the person is no

Longer around or no longer with me,

But I am of the belief that humans adapt.

Especially with the passage of time.

Notwithstanding, having experienced a few

Relationships, (and hopefully, clearer about

What I need and want for a relationship),

I think that one falls in love initially,

Like an infatuation, and like wine.

One chooses, and one decides.

Whether to down the sweet wine in a

Single gulp, or to choose to keep it

For a lifetime, to sip it as it grows sweeter.

To love forever – that must be of a

Conscious choice.


Tags: musing

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