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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Part 10 – 27 June 2010 – Rhine Falls & Lake Konstanz ::

:: Part 10 – 27 June 2010 – Rhine Falls & Lake Konstanz ::

Map picture


Having switched from my Lamy fountain pen (it is running out of ink)

To my 0.28mm rollerball pen, the writing experience changes.

Needless to say it is yet another sunny day, Sunday.

The ambient temperature is probably in the 20+ range,

To the point that the trains are switching on the air-conditioning.

Being in the Swiss country for about three full days

I noticed the following:


1. There are graffiti found over all parts of Switzerland

Both in rural and urban areas, and usually around train tracks.

(This could be because I see these graffiti while on the train.)


2. There are many litter-bins in Switzerland.

Even between every seat, in the train.


3. Swiss people are generally friendly. I also did not

Sense the mildest racism. Not even from the body language

Of the Swiss people.


4. There is a sense of freedom when commuting since there are

No gantries at the train stations, and everyone is free to board

And alight from the trams, buses, etc.

Zurich (549)

(Rhine Falls from Upstream)

And so, I’m off to the Rhine Falls. It was a short stroll I took,

Moving downstream towards the falls. The sound of the plunging waterfall

Grew louder as I approached the largest fall in Europe.

Zurich (552)

(Panoramic Shot from the foot of the Falls)

I took a panoramic shot of the fall and the surrounding scenery.

I also took the No.4 cruise (CHF 8) to experience the spray of the Rhine falls.

Zurich (598)

(View of the Falls from the No.4 Cruise Boat)

After a quick lunch (at a convenient takeaway joint facing the Falls),

I took a post-bus over to Schaffhausen, a nearby town.

Zurich (625)

At Schaffhausen, it was dead quiet as all the shops were closed.

Nothing opens on Sundays in Switzerland (maybe just the Cathedrals and Churches).

The highlight of this short stop must be the Munot fortress


(It looks like this from the Swiss Tourism Site)

The Munot fortress was built by its citizens from 1564 – 1589.

It looked rather imposing (complete with a dry moat) but I am quite

Certain it was not built with defense in mind, as a quarter of the fortress

Is directly linked to the city centre, and hence offers no defense qualities.

Zurich (642)

The interior of Munot is bare. I was surprised that it was not used

For any other activities, such as tourism.

I did not stay too long, as I was about to catch a boat ride

At the nearby Rhine river. I had to be on my way.


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you can try using Photoshop CS5's witchcraft... I mean Content Aware Fill to touch up the edges of your awesome panoramic shots. Does miracles to them.

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