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:: Part 9 – 26 June 2010 – Bern ::

:: Part 9 – 26 June 2010 – Bern ::

Map picture

After Jungfrau, at Interlaken, I wanted to take the

Interlaken cruise along Lake Brienzersee, but at 1700hrs the boats had

Stopped operation. I then explored the region of Interlaken while

Waiting for the next train. I found a COOP, but unfortunately

It was closing at 1700hrs too. I chanced upon the

Honda CRZ parked outside COOP and decided to

Pose with it.

Zurich (402)


The white version’s pretty nice too.

The train took me to Speiz, and then to Bern.

Bern was nice, though a little quiet since most, if not all

Of the shops were closed on a Saturday evening.

I liked the U-shaped meander which frames the main city.

The city is very ‘walkable’, and while most of the shops were closed,

A few bars, pubs and eating places were open.

Zurich (421)

(The famous clock tower at Bern City)

Along the streets were basement levels accessible only

Via a short steep flight of stairs. There were many water fountains

In the middle of the car-free lanes. The fountains were intricate with various

Statues which seemed to tell a story. The buildings were also very

Zurich (427)

(A pigeon having a sip from the fountain)

Elaborate, some with statues or carvings and also with troughs of

Red, yellow, and white flowers. I followed the suggested walking route.

I stopped briefly at the bear pit. (At that point in time, my back

Was aching from the weight of my sling bag. I had to stop to rest

At a few intervals). The bear pit was well-designed to allow

Zurich (459)

(The cubs getting their daily does of milk…)

Visitors to see the bears (in their natural habitat?)

Without the use of cages of any awkward-looking fences or

Enclosures. I stopped for a bit to see the cubs sucking their mama’s

Nipples, before I went on, with my walking tour.

Zurich (470)

(Table tennis locals at Bern)

The other nice stop was in front of the Cathedral, overlooking the Bern river.

There were many green benches which were shaded by the trees.

There was also a series of gardens with flower beds in the middle.

Lovely looking! Many locals were sitting around, and some were playing

Table tennis at the two to three tables placed under the cover

Of the trees. I strolled back to the City Centre, and the Parliament House,

And stopped to have my dinner – a set dinner for CHF15 excluding 

Zurich (484)

(Simple Dinner Set)

A local draft beer at CHF4.50. Not too bad considering I had

Soup and salad. I am starting to miss local food.

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