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:: Part 7 – 26 June 2010 – To Jungfrau! ::

:: Part 7 – 26 June 2010 – To Jungfrau! ::

Map picture


0755hrs – Leaving the apartment slightly past seven,

I rushed to take a tram to Zurich HB in order to catch the 0732hrs train

To Interlaken via Bern. Failing to catch this train means

That it’ll be a half-hour wait for the next train at 0800hrs -

This will take me to Interlaken at only 1000hrs – rather late.


(Photo taken on the way from Interlaken to Jungfrau)

It was a busy Saturday of travelling. At Interlaken, switched a train to

Lauterbrunnen. There I changed a train which bought me to Wengen

And then to Kleine Scheidegg where I switched to yet another train

To Jungfraujoch. Before Jungfrau, I had a quick stop at the town of Wengen.


(The Resort town of Wengen)

Wengen is a lovely resort built above the Lauterbrunnen Valley,

Filled with inns and guesthouses of all manners.

Almost all the guesthouses are designed and built such that

Their guest rooms have windows opening to the view of

The majestic Jungfrau and its perennially-white mountain top.


(Managed to stitch a panoramic view of the Alps)

Of course, the star attraction is Jungfrau, which is accessible by

The really expensive (CHF 112 round trip after a 25% discount via Swiss Pass)

In fact likely the most steep (in terms of gradient and price!) short-trip

Railway ticket in the world! At Klein Scheidegg, I switched to this

Highest rack-railway in Europe. (I wondered then, where on earth

Is the world’s highest railway?). As there was a large summer tourist horde,

I had to jostle my way to ensure that I had standing space in the next

Available train. The ride up was mostly spent inside a tunnel


(In a t-shirt despite the cooler temperature in the higher altitude)

Carved within the mountain, which I reckoned was a safer approach.

The terminal station, Jungfraujoch, resembled an subterranean tunnel.

I found my way up to the Sphinx Terrace, which gave a

Magnificent view of the highest peak in Europe, as well as the

Surrounding peaks. I had to quickly put on my shades as the

Light reflected by the snow cover was blinding to my eyes.

Zurich (251)

(View from the Sphinx Terrace, the highest viewing platform)

The Sphinx Terrace provided a safer platform

To see the peaks as well as the surrounding landscape.

Although there was a steady crowd building up, there is

More than adequate room to immerse oneself with the Alps.

Zurich (283)

(Panoramic stitched photo of Jungfrau)

A panoramic stitched photo may depict the Swiss Alps,

But it is unable to convey the grandeur of the scenery, nor

Extol one’s feeling, between oneself and the mountains.

Isn’t this silent communication, between oneself and the destination

The reason why one sets out in the adventure of a lifetime

In the first place?

Zurich (306)

(It was hot up there! Back in my t-shirt)


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