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:: Part 5 – 25 June 2010 – Rigi and Pre-Alpine Express ::

:: Part 5 – 25 June 2010 – Rigi and Pre-Alpine Express ::


1720hrs – And so, after lunch at Lucerne’s COOP, I rushed to

The railway station to hop onto the Pre-Alpine Express over to Romanshorn.

The photo was taken by me while running towards the train

Just in time. The train ride took quite a while.

And so, I stopped at Gossau station instead of St Gallen station.

I found myself momentarily standed. I confirmed with a passerby

That I was in the wrong station. The train which I alighted has left

For St Gallen. Fortunately, there was a post-bus bound for St. Gallen,

I presumed, since there was a “St Gallen” brightly lit on the front-top

Of the bus. I boarded the bus, and after a quick check with the

English-illiterate old gentleman bus-driver, we were on our way.


Unfortunately, this took me a little longer than usual to reach

St Gallen. I was, however, fortunate to enjoy a brief moment with the

Swiss countryside, as I passed through a few small villages.


As I’ve stayed in Switzerland for a couple of days, and

Have passed through a few cities, I started to realize that there is a general

Sense of cleanliness – the streets are all very clean, and devoid of litter.

In fact, there is not just a sense of cleanliness, but also a sense of order.

The many houses in the countryside did not leave any junk or broken-down

Items to rust or decay, but are either removed or kept out of the public eye.


I eventually arrived at St Gallen. I found the tourist office.

The lady at the counter provided me the city map, and asked me to hurry

To the Abbey Library as it was already 1640hrs.

The library closes at 1700hrs.

And so I sort of ran. Paced quickly. Anyway.

In fact, the reason to why I decided to make a stop

At St Gallen (instead of visiting Lake Contance at Romanshorn)

Was because of this Abbey. The St Gallen Abbey Library is

Part of the St Gallen Abbey precinct, which became a UNESCO world

Heritage Site in 1983. I managed to make it to the library, fortunately.

No photo-taking were allowed, however.


St Gallen’s Cathedral, right beside the library, is a fine work of art.

And I like it’s green tinge at certain parts of the ceiling, together with the

Broad, brightly-lit white basilica, with a triple-aisled nave and central cupola.

I did a check on this green portion and found out it is a light-green stuccowork,

Characteristic of churches in the Konstanz region.

The artwork belonged to Josef Wannenmacher, with the central cupola

Depicting paradise, with the Holy Trinity, apostles and saints.

In fact, this cathedral also holds a bell brought by Gallus on this

Seventh-century journey, from Ireland, one of the three

Oldest surviving bells from Europe.


I found the door knob of the cathedral to be the most

Fascinating. What was this hand holding?

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