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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Part 4 – 25 June 2010 – Rigi and Pre-Alpine Express ::

:: Part 4 – 25 June 2010 – Rigi and Pre-Alpine Express ::

Map picture


1055hrs – The schedule turns out to be just right:

Rigi Klum – 1050hjrs/ 1100hrs
Kaltbad First 1115hrs
Vitznau 11140hrs
(Boat) Vitznau 1149hrs
Weggis 1205hrs
Lucerne 1254hrs

Let’s see how much time I’ll have at Lucerne.

Lucerne > Romanshorn route departs every hour.

So I could choose

Lucerne – 1340hrs

Vekershaus 1346hrs

Arth Goldau – 1413hrs

Rapperswil – 1503hrs

St Gallen – 1558hrs

(I think I’ll skip Romanshorn – no time!)


1200hrs – I’m onboard the Rigi cruise towards Lucerne.

It’ll take about an hour and I should arrive at

Lucerne at about 1254hrs. (the boat is about to leave Weggis

Any moment). That gives me about 40 minutes to do my stuff before

I move northwards. I’d like to go to Bucherer to take a nostalgic photo

And maybe even have a simple lunch at the cafe we ate at last December.


1230hrs – Upon arrival at Lucerne, I strolled back to the familiar

Bridge and then to Bucherer (where I bought my green Submariner last year).

I went over to the Tea Room at the Old Town Store

Where we had tea in winter last year.


Tea Room was a little packed, and I felt awkward sitting alone,

And so I walked around the town area and eventually decided on a cheaper

Lunch at COOP, with penne pasta and beer.


I was rather amused when the cashier asked me for my identification.

Do I look that young? Lol!


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Don't bluff. Amused only or happy until speechless? LOL

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