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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Part 2 - Day Two – Rigi, Lucerne and St Gallen ::

:: Part 2 - Day Two – Rigi, Lucerne and St Gallen ::


0845hrs. I’m now seated in a rather filled train to Goldau

Via Zug. Switzerland’s trains are very efficient, arriving and

Leaving on the dot. I’m currently travelling southwards, straddling

The western bank of Lake Zurich. It is a bright summer day

Covered by the expanse of a monotone blue sky.

With no clouds. I zoom by several cathedrals with steeples

Adorned with intricate clock faces. I zoom by many cottages

Nestled on the green slopes rising from the lake bank. I know I am

Leaving the city, as the houses grow further apart, and

Warehouses and factories begin to appear in view.

The plan for today is to catch a fast ride to Goldau, and then

Board the cog-railway up to Mount Rigi. I’ll then enjoy a bit of

High altitude (pre-cursor to the grand dame Jungfrau which I’ll

Scale over the weekend) and then descend the other side of Rigi -

So as to board a hour-long ferry across Lake Lucerne. And then

Journey northeastwards via the Pre-Alpine pass.


0855hrs – I caught my first glimpse of the alps.

The snow-white mountain top caught my eye as my train emerged

From the tunnel. It is somewhat surreal; me making an

Abrupt decision to book myself a flight to Zurich when I have

Absolutely no intention, ever, to revisit Switzerland

In the first place.