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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Part 1 - Day One – Zurich ::

:: Part 1 - Day One – Zurich ::

Picture 006

24 June marks the start of this travel journal of mine.

Confronted with the prospect of a ten-day journey, mostly done alone,

Within the confines (or so I think) of the Swiss Alps, I wonder,

About how I could make this solitary travel an experiential one.

I’ve never really relished the idea of travelling on my own.

In fact, in my business travels so far (mainly in Japan),

I would usually return to my hotel after work.

The joy of being a tourist, and enjoying the sights and sounds

Of a new destination is, to me, somewhat muted, if there is

No outlet for expression of one’s joy of new discoveries.


Perhaps, I could embark on a special travel project?

I could travel with this 2009 moleskin journey I received

But filled only one out of the twelve months.

There is room to write more – and document my thoughts

In ink. Traveling alone means one will be able to spend

A large amount of time thinking, without the incessant

Distraction of the world-wide-web. Hence begins

The travel project, the journey of the journeyman.


Picture 010

My accommodation was within walking distance to Zurich HB.

It was a simple serviced apartment with no reception

And really basic furniture. At least it is not as cramped as the ones in Tokyo.

I have no complaints. The weather was sunny and good – I noticed

As I left the apartment to walk to the central area of Zurich.

I was deliberating whether to purchase a Zurich Card, but

I did not do that, as it was already half past one, when my lunch ended.

Picture 015 

I was astounded by the food prices when I was at Lucerne last winter. Then, really

Expensive! Thus, I was relieved to know that a simple salad and sandwich

Meal at a cafeteria at Zurich HB was still affordable. After lunch, I crossed over

To the the station central to settle some administration for the Swiss Pass.

And then I was on my way.

Picture 033

One of the highlight of Zurich is a boat tour in Lake Zurich

And so I went on a 90 minute boat trip at only 4 CHF.

Picture 046 

Like the hordes of eager tourists, I quickly boarded the boat

And found myself a nice seat on the upper deck. Only to realize later that I was

"’Burning”! The heat is overpowering – the only reprieve is the dry, cool breeze

That helps dissipate the heat. The banks of Lake Zurich are green stretches of

Grass carpets. I can see many locals, taking the opportunity to soak up

As much sun as they could, especially after several days of bad rainy weather.

Picture 063

I walked around the historic area of Zurich after the boat trip.

I’d like to write more, but my jet lag is getting me weary; it is now

3:14am Singapore time (though it is only 9:14pm here, and

Still very bright outside). I shall go to bed early, and rest myself for

A long trip tomorrow.


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Switzerland is beautiful, I was there for half a year and very much enjoyed the slower pace of life. If you get the chance, hitting the road opens up a side of Switz that trains might lack. Definitely would recommend the Furka Pass, which opens up during the summer months. Also, I prefer Lake Geneva over Lake Zurich, personal preference I guess...

Enjoy your summer vacation. =) (envious)

Keep your pictures coming!

Trying to but I'm still suffering from jetlag I think.

Freedom of the lone traveller.
Always Alone;
Never Lonely.

Take time to enjoy the simple joys in life.

Enjoy yourself! I actually enjoy myself as a solo traveller, since I am not bounded by anyone's fancies but my own. Traveling alone also makes you more open to strangers, and they tend to chat with you, which opens a totally different world in travel. :)

All I did was to smile at strangers. They smiled back of course.
But no conversations. Not much, anyway.

wow. nice pictures. but..eh... i thot u said u could not go because of work? all worked out in the end?

yeah the food there are so so expensive !

Yes! MacDonalds can easily cost S$20, but fortunately the CHF is lower than what it was the past few years.

mac in europe are generally ex same if u go paris heartpain. my colleague wanted to get a milkshake from some cafe it was abt 4 euro faint

Nice photos and great sharing.

Looking forward for your daily post

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