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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Of Rental and Love ::


:: Of Rental and Love ::

The thing that was on my mind for the
Past few days, was to get the unit rented out. 
I collected the keys last tuesday from the lawyers,
But too busy with work to facilitate any viewings.
My philosophy when it comes to rental, is to 
Get the unit rented out fast, without too much delay.
This is because every month delayed means a 
Month of rental lost in the process. So given an option
For a lower rental amount with immediate occupancy
Versus a higher rental amount which may take several 
Weeks of coordinate to 'net' the right tenant, 
I may still choose the former. 

I made a previous entry about The Midas, and the 
Value of investing in such a property, about three 
Months ago. After a quick deliberation, I decided to 
Walk the talk. After completion, within the first day of the first weekend,
We managed to rent out the unit at a good price, with occupancy next thursday.
Hence, with this rental contract inked, 
We would be able to offload this property at 120% of its
Initial purchase price, at about 5% of rental yield.
Which is the better case scenario, possibly. 

On another note, PG proposed to W last night 
At the Marina Barrage. It was a surreal experience at the 
Rooftop, with lit candles spelling 'P loves W' laid 
Nicely on the ground, complete with a cake,
And bubbly, and friends and a grandmother.
I have just met W the night before, for our 
Anniversary dinner. We spoke about love - about 
How we know that we are in love, and we
Would know that that love, is the final love.
Having heard from her, I hence can't help but 
Feel happy that someone close to me 
Will be relationship-happy for a long,
Long time. 

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Is that The Midas? May I know how much did it cost and what is the floor area like? I am thinking of getting a unit around that area too.

message me via LJ - I may just want to sell my unit (or another unit that's there).

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