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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 11 June 2010 ::

:: 11 June 2010 :: 

After several hefty purchases within these few months, I seriously think that 
I will should not get myself a laptop. Instead I think I will pass the 
Money to Bren so that he can get the laptop he wants for his
Design course, and for his ID career journey.
Work has been rather busy of late, and I kinda miss
Taking down short notes in my journal, to just keep 
Track of the teeny weeny events in my life.
The funny thing about work is that when it gets busy on 
One end, the other end of work suffers. And since either end
Is busy at one point, or another, I have absolutely no 
Time to pause everything for a while; and sit still, 
And pause, breathe a little, and then think a bit. 
My last trip to Lombok made me realise how important 
It is to just get to nowhere somewhere, and cut off all communications
To the rest of the world. I read a few Malcom Gladwell books
By the beach, and managed to chart out something more 
'Medium term'. Whereas now, faced with the onslaught 
Of everyday, I am merely a firefighter.

I think I should blog more - perhaps blogging more entries
where I just 'ramble' from my mind directly to my fingers
Onto the keyboard, regardless of spelling, grammar and 
Self censorship. Hmmm... maybe just a little.


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(Deleted comment)
Writing in your journal does not need self-censorship.

On the selfish front, silent reader like me who follow your blog for years may wish you to post yout entries here. However if it's going to add to the inertia to overcome, then go for the pen and paper journal.

Without the pressure of having to consider the reader, words flow better.

No time? There's always time to jot down your thoughts if you do not have to write the perfect essay. Usually it'll turn out better. And yea, I agree your writing is best w/o the charts, maps etc.

You do have the choice of whether to get lost in the rat race or take a look at the things and people ard you.

I write to myself mostly, w/o the pressure of the readers eye. At times, I do show my writings to some close friends but that's when I feel the writer's block for further wirings.

I do get lost in the rat race very often too. Need to keep reminding myself to take a step back and smell the flowers. If you get what I mean.

Btw, just a thought. Have it occur to you that your considerations of the readers might feel about your writings, may be due to the fact that you are a public figure of sorts. where's the man that speaks his thought and write his own blog?

do share your entries, then. it's nice to share with others, so that a conversation (of sorts) can take place.

i have a tendency to ramble, so i suppose as long as my thoughts are mine (and i do not step into the boundaries of revealing any work matters to the public) i think i am not too worried. livejournal has evolved over the past decade - i'm not even sure if it is still popular. for those that blog, and those that continue to read blogs, i think i would still like to write, and ramble, and hope for some stranger like you to drop by and engage in a conversation with me.

I'd love to, but I have my reasons for not being able to share my thoughts in public. Writing a self journal w/o readers can be lonely sometimes. That's why I do engage "penpal" (I know at this day and age, it's laughable) in which I share my thoughts with "strangers" and engage in conversation.

Some have becomegood friends, others moved on.

Rambling is the most honest way to record your thoughts. Yea, don't be too bothered by the boundaries. It's your blog, your space.

Agreed that LJ or blogging in general has been on the downhill since it's heyday. Readers like us who prefer to take a non-intrusive role can really see the impact. Manay LJers have stopped and moved on (to FB, Twitter) while others have locked their journal.

Thanks W for the many years of good read. Have always enjoyed your introspect. Btw, I have sent you an email in LJ with my email address. Feel free.

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