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:: CRZ ::

:: CRZ ::

The Honda CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero)
is a compact hybrid electric automobile marketed by Honda as a "sport hybrid coupe."
 The CR-Z combines a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain with traditional sports car elements.
The CR-Z is regarded as the spiritual successor to the second generation Honda CR-X
in both name and exterior design.
Sales of the CR-Z began in Japan in February 2010,
and became Honda's third hybrid electric car in the market,
along with the Civic Hybrid and the Insight.
Sales of the CR-Z began in Japan on February 26, 2010,
and in less than one month, Honda received orders for more than
10,000 vehicles, far exceeding its sales forecast.


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hhmmm the shape looks a little non conventional.. i wonder if the fuel consumption is better than the civic hybrid.. cos the civic hybrid wasn't as efficient as i tot it would be

You drive the Civic Hybrid? what's the consumption?

it's around 13km/l according to the built in meter..
i didn;t calculate it manually

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