Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Busy ::

:: Busy ::

It is no fun when I write a long entry about being busy
And then my slow internet connection prevents my entry
From being uploaded and then I have to start from scratch again.
 The entry is never the same; all I can hope is that I can write to
Convey what I wanted to say. But I know it won't be the same.
It has been a busy period of sorts - there is much work, to the point
That most of my time is spent on doing need-to-dos rather than
Want-to-dos. Hence journaling took a back seat. I wanted to write about
B's birthday party and his polka dotty party. I wanted to write about
The weekend brunch I had with ototou B and the goal setting that we did.
I also wanted to talk about okaasan S and how she gamely joined me
For the Pink Dot outing at HLP. I wanted to write about the pots of
Tomato plants and the aphids on them I wanted to remove but
Didn't have the time. I wanted to write about LV card holder cum
zipper waller M got for me. I wanted to write about the sweet kani that I ate
As well. I supposed I wrote about them, however sketchy.
Just a brief mentioned. I wanted to write about the dreams that I had
And how the mouth guard for my bruxism is causing my ulcers
But my time is up.

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