Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Seedlings ::

:: Seedlings ::

Every morning, before I leave for work
I will take a quick peek at the cluster of seedlings
In the balcony. The seedlings on the left originated
From a packet of seeds, which I whimsically bought
At the Cold Storage supermarket at the basement
Of Parkway Parade. Then, towards the right, in the green
Trough, is a dense pack of seedlings, which sprouted from seeds
I salvaged from the dying chilli padi plant I bought
Over the lunar new year. And then there are three pots of
Seedlings, from - guess what - three durian seeds.
MJ and I, while checking out district fourteen for
Investment opportunities over the past month,
One evening decided to try the prominent roadside
Durian stall, and brought back three seeds.
I guess all seeds grow, with the right conditions
Of soil, water and sunlight.
In fact, just this morning, during my quick peek
I noticed that the plant that Mark bought me
Many years back, is finally flowering.

The problem with seedlings is that they can get
Very thirsty, and if I forget to water them for a day
They will shrivel and then look really dehydrated
And pathetic. I cannot neglect them.
With a few days of neglect, they will wilt
And die. How fragile they are,
Plants, and pets.
And relationships.


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