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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: April Twenty First ::

:: April Twenty First ::

I think we have known each other.
For ten years already.
Today is
Our tenth anniversary.
Although we are no longer together
I am happy that we both still make it a point
To meet up for lunch
On this very day.
We have been meeting up at
The same Chikuyotei Japanese Restaurant
At Takashimaya, where you first bought me 
Dinner. For the past few years.
This year, since you are busy
Managing your Vietnamese eatery
I think we can eat nearby.
I still care a lot for
You, and i wish you


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*sighs* So sweet... where's the vietnamese eatery. I lvoe vietnamese food. *grins*

so sweet... i will be very touched if i'm the one on the receiving end :)

love makes the world go round.

i wish
i can be that ...giving?

Happy anniversary for you willy!=D
it's really sweet...

Er...I tot it was 9th Anniversary. Anyway, doesn't matter. What matter is the care u have for each other even going on your own paths. So endearing.

sweetness from a sweet guy ...

Such sweet thoughts from a sweet guy ...
BTW, my rates are not high. I charge $300 for a full 45minute reading.
In your case, it is not a matter of reading just one chart though...

you are very lucky that you are still friends. more often than not, at least for me, the other party want to break contact or at most become an acquaintance. that is quite hurting to me as i still care for them even as friends. but that's life.

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