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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Dreams ::

:: Dreams ::

I think it is joy to see people's dream come true.
I think it is bliss to be able to contribute, and be
Part of someone's journey towards success.

I've got this close friend; she decided that she had enough
Of the ratrace. She quit her job and went to Europe and
Enrolled in a month-long course.
She learned how to make gelato.
She learned it in Bologna, Italy.

And now, back in Singapore, she is looking for
The most ideal location, to site her
Dream Parisian Gelato Stall.
Two weeks ago, I sat, I listened to her.
Passionately describing her concept:

"It is a place of memories,
of happy moments,
be it your dreams of
your childhood memories....
.. in a comfort zone"

Hearing her share her dream and vision to me
Made me really happy. I am glad I was
Able to help her look for the site,
And be part of her dream-come-true.

I know another friend. He started his clinic.
And another. He now runs a Vietnamese eatery.
One by one, I see them live their dreams
I am happy to feel what they feel.

And so, with the little steps we take,
To help others in their dream-catching journey
We too, take our little steps
Towards our dreams.

What is your dream? 


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Nice. Thanks for the entry when i needed some signs. =p

i aspire to be an inspiration speaker in the art and design industry one day... =]

I like the picture u have used here. It looks familiar but I can't put a figure to it.

my dream is to strike lottery of more than $2m! :)

wat abt urs?

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