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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Creeps ::

:: Creeps :: 

Having focused on the property market since last June, 
(Ever since I invested in a tiny apartment in District Two)
I see how property prices are creeping upwards
Slowly and surely. 

In the post-apocalyptic Lehman aftermath, two
Septembers ago, real estate was going for a bargain. 
In 2009, property prices continued to dive. And then,
All of a sudden, prices climbed steadily from May to June.
Then July. And August. Relentlessly upwards. 
It has not stopped since.

While I was doing my property search in May, 
I could find many listings in River Valley going for $800k. 
Now all of them are going for more than a million.
In spite of this, luxury homes are all snapped up. 
I am sure most, if not all, units at 76 Shenton have been
Snapped up during the VIP preview today. 

Sometimes, when I drive past the many luxurious homes.
When I drive along the many branded cars on the roads, I think about
The many rich and well-to-do Singaporeans that exist amongst us.
There must be a lot of them around. 
I wonder how they arrive at their current wealthy status. 

I then ponder over what it takes for the average Singaporean
To accumulate enough capital in order to invest in such a home.
It must take one many decades to make such an investment! 
Nevertheless, for the average Singaporean, like me
(and perhaps, you, too), it is never too late to start
Saving the pennies for that dream home. 

And honestly, will home prices 
Fall again? 
I wonder.


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i think some just continue paying throughout their lives?

A Bubble Waiting To Go Burst!

Read this 1st :

Bras Basah flat sets HDB price record

Jessica Cheam
Fri, Mar 26, 2010
The Straits Times

A TAIWANESE couple have paid $650,000 for a four-room flat in Bain Street - smashing Housing Board (HDB) records and reflecting the strength in the red-hot resale market.

The sale price works out to be $736 per sq ft (psf) for the 30-year-old flat on the 25th floor of a block at Bras Basah.

That is the highest psf price paid for an HDB property and is on a par with prices of private homes in suburban areas.

Have u seen a prty bubble burst before? The price can substain now probably due to election is aroung the corner anytime.

Always remember what goes up must come down. Isn't the same applies to stock mkt? Nevertheless, I hope u can join the billion$ club one day! :)

good on you for that investment in district 2. Some of us are still looking at the down-payment and go, "er... maybe next year..." haha!

that those apartments belong to Singaporeans... Many apartments are not bought by the average Singaporean..

Never easy to time buying property.. best thing is to buy to live. In which case, you don't plan on making money from the place. However, peer pressure is such...

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