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:: Skincare Survey ::

:: Skincare Survey ::

I use a mixture of Boots N7 Men's range, Loreal Men's Expert and Dove
As facial cleansers, for the morning, for gym, and for my shower.
I moisturize with Biotherm High Recharge, StriVectin, La Prairie
N7 or Loreal Anti-aging. I cycle these products.
However, I'm uncertain if they produce any results.
Could anyone share his or her experiences with
Skincare products? 

Poll #1539728 Men's Skincare Survey

Which brand of skincare products do you use and vouch for? (if many, please use moisturizer or lotion as the basis for comparison)

Lab Series
Kao Biore

If not any of the above, please enter your brand below.


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You have quite a regime, I'd imagine you have flawless skin.

I would think maintaining is a form of results too.
Unless if you have certain concern in mind and you wish to improve it, then maybe its easier to assess if your skincare routine works.

From personal experience, it may be good to introduce different skincare once in a while. It kinda jump starts your skin.

I'd have to admit i'm too lazy to do any form of regime....
I just drink lots of mineral water/ Multi-Vits/ Drink loads of Fruit tea a day. And plus, I bathe with minimal soaping, and rinse a bit on my face with warm water/ vegebase soap everyday...

thanks for supporting my coy..=p
wonder why u use dove..haha...

anyway i use quite a mixture of products..
from Garnier to Garnier Men to Kiehl's to La-roche posay to Vichy
diff products for diff uses and becos of their diff efficacies.. =)

uh mostly Lab Series for me. i dun dare to change products la lolx

SKII miracle water - seems expensive upfront - but lasts more than a year and skin is still firm *boink boink* so no complains :)

Hylexin eye cream by bremenn for dark circles and puffy eyes - swear by it. worth every penny despite the pricey tag.

Kiehl's moisturizers are not bad - buy bucket loads if you step into the US ;)

Soaps... anything that smells good.

i did my math SK II is cheaper long run!

SK II !!! I SWEAR ON THOSE STUFFS!!! I BUY EM IN BULK FROM CHINA AIRLINES! CHEAPEST! Lol... seariously.. it's the EPIC one.. suits all weather whether i am in jakarta, china, seattle or effing hot australian summers.

u miss out another popular brand...shishedo!

btw, do u have black heads? if yes, how u prevent them?

天生丽质难自弃,natural beauty...:-)))

Go for dermalogica if you're facing skin problems... it simply works.

SK2 is really good. a large bottle of essence can actually last 6 mths. cheap in the long run

I was a soap and water person until my bf "corrupted" me. ;)

Anyway, I am quite certain that there is no perfect skincare range. They are formulated with certain skin types in mind, and your skin reacts to a certain range differently from the next person. Thus, I think that one person could swear by La Mer, and it might not work on someone else.

Was introduced to Biotherm, and found that it works on my rather dry skin. Don't expect it to work that well on oiler complexions.

everybody's skin is different.. whatever works for you. Men's skin also changes as we age. I read somewhere that the Cleanese, tone, moisturise regime is a myth - not everyone needs it? Need to find the articles again.

A lot of trial and error. So far SKII works fine for me - no reactions, no need to cycle too. It may look expensive upfront but one bottle lasts much longer than the rest I've tried.

I also use Kiehl's facial fuel as an extra. Not too bad but that small bottle doesn't last long!

Thank you for the update.
It seems that a lot of people have tried SKII and finds it very good. For SKII do you only use the SKII miracle water (or what do you call that?)or the entire range?

The miracle water is the facial treatment essence. I use the cleanser (facial treatment cleanser) and toner (clear lotion) too.

(Deleted comment)
I can't think of anything more masculine lol..

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