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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Teeth Guard ::

:: Teeth Guard ::

Finally I received my teeth guard from Calvin yesterday.

Calvin (LJ user = “Smeowly”) is a dental specialist at T32 Dental Centre.

T32 is located on the highest floor of the Camden Medical Centre.

Situated between Orchard and Tanglin, T32 commands a picturesque

View of the Jervois and the Embassy area. I could see many large

Bungalows with their private pools, stretching all the way till Alexandra Road.

A week ago, I visited Calvin for a general inspection and consultation.

He revealed that my excessive teeth grinding (during my sleep) has caused

Certain bone growth at the base of my mouth. He advised the use of a

Mouth guard, to prevent further wear and tear of my teeth.

I had to agree.

I have had teeth clenching as long as I could remember.

My teeth clenching and grinding is so severe that they invade my

Dreams – my dreams would shift into ‘Nightmare Mode’ where I would

Frantically try to pry my jaws open, to no avail.

In fact, I recall having dreams so bad that I would think

That my teeth, particularly my front teeth, would shatter.

I shared my fears with Calvin.

And so, Calvin made a teeth guard for me.

He’s a great dentist, and patiently went through the process

With me, step-by-step, aided with instant photos taken of my

Teeth with this neat micro-camera gadgetry thingee.

A week later, yesterday, I collected my teeth guard.

“You could even wear it to the gym,” Calvin added.

“Studies have shown that lifters can lift heavier using these.”


Anyway, I tried it for the first time, last night.

Before I went to bed.

The teeth guard was a perfect fit.

It was molded to an imprint of my jaw.

While I slept naturally, and I slept well,

I remember being roused from my deep sleep cycle

Feeling the plastic guard – I must be grinding again.

Thank you teeth guard, my jaw saver.

And here’s to narrower cheeks.

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errr, arent your cheeks like very narrow?

Calvin says my grinding has caused my cheek muscles to be rather muscular and thick....

really? er ok tht means most of mankind cmi alrdy lah. ah yo

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