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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Unexpected Gardener ::

:: The Unexpected Gardener ::

Remember the common story about someone
Abandoning her baby by placing it
On the doorstep of the home of a stranger?
The stranger, who was probably single and had no
Plans for wedlock or parenthood,
Eventually adopted the baby, became a mother
And the story moves off another unexpected tangent.
Then, there was a recent version, The Blind Side,
About 'Big Mike' who was found shivering on the streets
A day before Thanksgiving, by a well-to-do white family
Who eventually adopted and supported him and
Got him into NFL. Well it got Sandra her Golden Globe too.
Something totally unexpected, though deserving.
Do you call this destiny? Especially when certain
Circumstances unfold in such a way that they
Make us react. React, and we become the reaction,
And thus, the continuation of this chain of events.
I have a similar local experience.
I would think of myself as the unexpected gardener.
As far as I recalled, the only green accomplishment
That I ever did, was to buy four pots of bamboo
From the nursery from Tanah Merah. Transplanted
Them into larger pots for them to grow into a
Mini bamboo grove. There were some plants in the
Bathroom; a mixture of some Spanish Moss and the
Ubiquitous Money Plant, but that was it.
Then destiny would have the farmer pay a long visit
Or rather, a short vacation. The farmer brought his plants along.
And when the stay was cut short, and the farmer left.
Some flora remained, unkempt, in a state of neglect.
And so, I became, the unwilling gardener.
I had to re-soil, transplant, weed, water and toil
An additional responsibility surfaced. When I returned
Home late at night I would peer into the balcony
To see if the plants were healthy and water-fed.
A small part of me wanted to prove that I could
Take care of the plants as much as the farmer could.
But eventually, the garden was no longer the farmer's
But my plantation - there was joy in separating the plants
Into pots so that they can thrive better, and seeing new
Sprouts and flowers with the passage of time.

What was my point? Sometimes, as much as we do
Not crave for certain situations, circumstances force us
Into situations which we remould to, and it is really up to us
To find our little happiness there. I've a distant cousin that
Met with a motorcycle accident and is still in a coma,
And now, two months later, the family, though grieving,
Is making better adjustments to this unexpected twist.
Happiness can still be found, and while bittersweet
Everyone tries to adapt, adjust and advance.
And I? I just bought four packets of soil
Together with a pot of lavender and a pot of tropical maple.
Already I have seen some fresh buds.
I am the unexpected gardener.


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just be careful with the dumbcane. don't let your skin get in contact/ rub with the sap. you will get a back rash/ itch from it as it contains a high level of salts.

yes, you have a very nice collection of plants.


typo - "bad" rash/ itch

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