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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Chapters ::

:: Chapters ::

I've been wanting to blog.
But there were simply too many things to do.
Hence I procrastinated.
I am glad that I am doing a little journaling now.
I remember those nights of yesteryear
When I would sit by my Imac.
I would ponder over certain events.
I would wonder if I would be able to clearly articulate
What I was wondering about.
I would then think of what kind of effect
I would have on those who read it.
What if I miscommunicated, misinformed, then disrespected?
The pen is mightier than the sword, so they say.
I always think that words should be handled with care.
The result of this rumination were abstruse entries.
Entries that were probably comprehensible to a few.
A few who were familiar with the context or the background.
Or a few who bothered to make some constructive guesses.
Having blogged since 2000, I have already blogged for a decade.
I penned my first entry in Livejournal in Nov 2000.
This was before blogging became a fad.
I have made many friends from LJ.
I have also seen many LJers come and go.
I know of many who gave up blogging, but lingered.
They prefer to read.
And so I continue to blog.
I continue to muse.
I continue to ramble.
I was doing some housekeeping just the night before.
I decided to tidy up my iPhoto
And the 45,844 photos in the collection.
There were some duplicates and I wanted to remove them.
Someone should create a program just to remove duplicate photos.
In iPhoto; and duplicate songs in iTunes.
Going through old pictures, I realize a few things.
I realized that I have aged.
My friends have aged as well. 
I noted that certain groups and cliques continue to exist.
While others have disbanded and people went on their ways.
I also noticed the friends that continue to be
Featured in my photos over the years.
They persisted, strangely, as a result
Of not choice, but fate and destiny?
Or maybe we all made choices to stick together.
I have not been a good friend to some, I felt.
I could have done more.
And then I saw the photos of my past romances.
And I realized the few cycles it took
For me to know what I really wanted.
Quietly, I hoped the best for all of them.
Occasionally, when I am doing the most mundane things.
Like ironing. I will think about the past.
And all the things that happened - good and bad.
And wonder if they all happened for a reason.
If I were given a chance to go back to the past;
Knowing the current state and situation that I am in - Would I go back?
I would think not.
I think choices, and non-choices,
Shape the human adaptability.
With grit and positive determination,
There is never a bad ending.
Sometimes challenges are just thrown in our direction.
To force us to grow.
To make us go through Hell in order to treasure.
And appreciate, Heaven.
It is a fortnight to the Chinese New Year.
Since I will be away this festive season,
I am thinking of which good book I should read.
During the trip.
Reading is a luxury these days.
And I have a fifty-dollar voucher.
From Kinokuniya.
From B, during our anniversary luncheon last April.
I wonder what I would get.

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For me, i'm reading Ender's Game :)

Ender's Game (1985) is a science fiction novel by American author Orson Scott Card.[1] The book originated as the novelette "Ender's Game", published in the August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.[2] Elaborating on characters and plot lines depicted in the novel, Card later wrote additional books to form the Ender's Game series. Card released an updated version of Ender's Game in 1991, changing some political facts to accurately reflect the times.

the iPad features prominently in that book :)

April? Better use that fast! lol

I'm a fan of your blogging. Do write more! =)

And...enjoy the trip overseas! *grinz*

For years, I have been following bloggers like you. Following the musing, the funny moments, the ups and the downs.

Like you said, some has left. Others have moved on to alternate avenues for updates of their life.

The power of the pen lies not at the moment when the ink flows. It shows when the reader got inspired. For that it is timeless, for years later reading old postings, lesson can still be learnt.

Thanks for the years of sharing.

so u have aged as u said...i would suggest u use more sk2 and shisedo :)

and yes! look forward for the best to come for u!

What do you use?
Pray share some tips!

me...just use simple lotion loh...too poor to afford sk2 and shisedo lah...i m sure u'll have wonderful complexion if u use them! :P

hey, i thoroughly enjoy this entry, especially the way you made it so bite-sized sentences. i like the straightforwardness which instill thoughts with every line of the words.

keep on blogging!

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